• " As an entrepreneur, I have painstakingly learnt the importance of a founder in a company. It takes a lot to start a business and grow it to profitability. Funny enough is the most impactful lesson has come from some of my biggest failures of my life. Despite receiving great business tips during college days, I have gone on to learn more about how to start a business through my experiences and skills. My early days failures haven’t stopped me in learning from my mistakes and moving on to get fully self-employed. So never stop for obstacles, break the wall of limitation and go ahead. "

    Manas Ranjan Panigrahi CEO,Nexta Group
  • "“Hard work can beat talent”. We are not the first benchers of college. But now we are the big thing that everyone wants to know about. A team who always stand with their decision work for months without salary is the true motivation for the young entrepreneurs who are dreaming to be the best in their class."

    Prabhat Kumar Sahu CTO,Nexta Group
  • "We are going to reinvent the transport system and it's avilable in the NextaOne app. So no need to download another app for it. It'll be available as share,rental,outdoor services including Auto,Miraco(like: indica,swift), Migro(Like: swift desire,i20),Royal(Luxsury cars),Roadking(Travellers). All these are the booking segments for you."

    Jharana Mishra Director,Nexta Group

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Who We Are?

Nexta Digital

In the past we launched a digital blind stick with which a blind person can sense his surrounding with the vibrations and sounds created by the stick. It’s available in Nexta Digital in addition to the NEXTA digital segment, we have revolutionary products like GenX inverter LED bulb (100% bio degradable LED bulb), ZenX(The mercury ray free bulb),Sol- Ka (The solar/home light mobile charger).

Alpha Clothing

A brand for new era clothing solutions and revolutionary product design with an impact of made design and manufacture in India itself with complete indigenous materials, world class products made with 100 % pure Indian material.


Later on we established our branches in Sambalpur, Bangalore, Delhi, Bhopal with those we started the manufacturing sector of NEXTA and this year we are going to launch product segment called LEAFY (100% bio degradable complete dining solutions) which is going to make revolution in food tech industries.