Our Vision

Nexta.The biggest technical revolution of odisha ,the hope of every middle class family

Nexta,A dream of a 17 year old kid became the emerging start up of this country.Nexta is not only a dream of millions,it's a hope of every middle class man to give his family a better life with minimum affordable cost.Our journey starts from the river front of the Mahandi of Sambalpur district and now we are in the bay of bengal .Nexta was started from odisha a year ago and now we are in 3 states in robotics sector and research sector and through Nexta Digital we cover almost 21 states across the country,We are the largest Small micro enterprises' E-commerce chain and First SME's E-commerce chain of Inida. We are the developers of many unbelievable technology which was never researched before in the world. Our only motive is to give the best products to the customer with a resonable price.

Nexta always cares about the middle class families. We always set in our mind the farmers,poor people of our country when we set price of a product, In the footprint of Honourable Prime Minister of India. We believe in Made,designed and manufactured completely in India with the love for the world because we believe the whole world is our family.