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About Organization

With a dream to create a brand to build the world class product. Ideating on business plans took up several study sessions and after that we decided to enter into manufacturing sector so we built our own products and manufacture it on our own labs. With the vision of Manas we went ahead to make a brilliant team in which Manas Ranjan Panigrahi was appointed as CEO, Prabhat kumar sahu as CTO, Satya Narayan Naik as CFO and Jharana Mishra as Director of the company called NEXTA GROUP. Later on we established our branches in Sambalpur, Bangalore, Delhi, Bhopal with those we started the manufacturing sector of NEXTA and this year we are going to launch product segment called LEAFY (100% bio degradable complete dining solutions) which is going to make revolution in food tech industries. In the past we launched a digital blind stick with which a blind person can sense his surrounding with the vibrations and sounds created by the stick. It’s available in Nexta Digital in addition to the NEXTA digital segment, we have revolutionary products like GenX inverter LED bulb (100% bio degradable LED bulb), ZenX(The mercury ray free bulb),Sol- Ka (The solar/home light mobile charger). With both of those we are the First SME’s E-commerce chain from Odisha and the first product manufacturing company from western Odisha.